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18 Incredible Things I’ve Done In Australia So Far

In October of 2017 I handed in my notice at my job, packed up my London flat, drove everything I own to my parents’ house, said goodbye to all my loved ones, and got on a plane to Australia.

Well, technically it was two planes. But whatever.

It was understandably emotional! I’d been offered a three-month job in Sydney, I had no idea if I would find more work afterwards, and absolutely no clue about when (or even if) I might return to London.

But I was desperate for a change. I’d wanted to do something like this for years. So I thought, fuck it, let’s do it!

I still have no idea how long I will be in Australia, I’m kind of throwing caution to the wind and rolling with the punches. But one thing I’ve decided is to try and have a bloody good time while I’m here. So here’s a few of the things I’ve managed to squeeze in so far!

Watched The Sunrise From A Hot Air Balloon

Got Up Close With Turtles On The Great Barrier Reef

Celebrated The Passing Of Same Sex Marriage In Australia

Watched The New Year’s Eve Fireworks At Sydney Harbour

Watched The Sunset From Our Van In The Blue Mountains

Spotted The Milky Way From A Beach In Byron Bay

Flew A Drone Over The Beautiful Whitsundays

Fed An Orphaned Baby Kangaroo

Had A Surf Lesson On Bondi Beach

Went On A Pub Crawl In A Helicopter

Went On A Weekend Sailing Trip

Spent Another Weekend In This Paradise

Spent A Night Camping In The Australian Wilderness

Went For A Swim With A Crocodile

Rode A Camel In The Outback

Flew In A Helicopter Over The Twelve Apostles

Kayaked On A River Full Of Crocodiles

Saw An Endangered Spotted Quoll

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