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Who Am I?

I’m Nick Arnold, which people throughout my life have always abbreviated to Narnold, hence the name.

I’m from London in the UK originally. But in 2017 I packed up all my worldly belongings, said some goodbyes, jumped on a plane (two to be exact), and moved to Sydney, Australia.

What Do I Do?

Good question! The short answer is: a bit of everything.

The long answer is a bit more convoluted. I graduated with a degree in Psychology back in 2011, and then the real world hit me like a ton of bricks; I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

I ended up working in TV production for five years, before making a tactical swerve into journalism. I used to be a staff writer for BBC Three in London, before moving to Sydney, where I now work as a video producer for BuzzFeed Australia.

So yeah, like I said. A bit of everything.

What’s This All About?

At 16 I accepted that I was gay, and I still struggle with that to a certain extent even today. Then, in 2016, I got diagnosed with OCD and Anxiety, which I had unknowingly been living with for six years.

It’s not just sexuality or mental health stuff. I have insecurities, bad thoughts, and so many things I need to work through. But I want to share my experiences. I’ve been close to the “edge” a few times, and if my little lessons can help someone else in that same position, then it’s worth it. Because the edge sucks big time.

Narnold Knows is my little form of activism. It’s about being honest and vulnerable, which means I’m cutting all the bullsh*t. It’s real talk, plain and simple. Oh, it’s also about fun things too. I promise. Join me!