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To be able to talk about your problems, you have to have noticed them in the first place.

The world won’t end if you listen to your gut when it’s telling you that you need a bit of me time.

Habits start as something new. The more you keep doing them, the more automatic they become, but that doesn’t mean that they’re good for you.

"The biggest change was in finding the strength to be myself. Over time, I learned that there’s power and beauty in every aspect of who I am."

One day, when you’re smiling and content with your own life again, you might even be grateful that you’re feeling as crappy as you are right now!

I didn’t really know how to start self-loving. Was I supposed to open every conversation with the sentence, “Hello, I’m Nick and I love with myself”?

Self-love isn't something that happens overnight. But if you can persevere, and this is me talking very much as still a self-love beginner, it’s definitely worth it.

You don’t need to change yourself to please other people. Just focus on accepting yourself, and better still, on loving yourself.