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5 Male Body Positive Instagramers Who Are Absolute Heroes

If you’re like me and you sometimes (often) look at yourself in the mirror with a sinking feeling in your stomach, you need to stop. I need to stop, you need to stop, we all need to stop.

Body positivity has been a “thing” for a while now, and I personally know heaps of people who have benefited from others baring all online, hoping to inspire a change in our perceptions of beauty.

But there’s one (proudly) big elephant in the room: most of these people are women.

While I whole-heartedly support anyone trying to spread a message of acceptance, I also think it’s important for men not to be left out of the picture. After all, we have insecurities too.

So guys, I have good news! Fortunately for us, there are some brave boys out there who are taking positivity into their own hands, and trying to make us all feel a little better about ourselves in the process!


“Growing up as a chubby, gay, disabled kid I learned pretty early on that I wasn’t like the other kids. I’ve come a long way, both in terms of how I look today but more importantly how I feel towards my body! My stretch marks, saggy skin, belly rolls don’t make me undeserving of love! Everybody is deserving of love.”

Troy Solomon

“Just by being a living, breathing person on this planet, you have immense value.

Kelvin Davis

“Notoriously Dapper is a body positive men’s fashion blog that displays daily looks to inspire all men to embrace who they are. I started this blog after a shopping trip that unfortunately left a bad taste in my mouth. Ever since then I have vowed to never feel that insecure or ashamed of my size again! I started posting outfit looks to inspire and show men of size that you can be stylish regardless of our sometimes limitations when shopping or viewing clothing advertisements.”

Zach Miko

“Being body positive isn’t a switch you turn on and then suddenly you love yourself. It’s a journey with ups and downs and sometimes the downs feel unbearable. Just cause we sometimes bend, doesn’t mean we break.”

Matt Joseph Diaz

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Confidence and self love are a journey that you’re always on, and I think one of the biggest indicators of true progress is when we learn to stop demonizing the people we’ve been. I used to treat before and after photos as an excuse to validate my existence exclusively by the things I’m not anymore; I used to talk about my younger self as though all my problems were created by my weight, when in reality it was all about how society made me think I was supposed to feel about my weight. I always had beauty and strength and value, and I’m sad that it took me until I’d lost so much weight to see that. I take so much pride in my style, but that took so long to develop because I thought someone my size could never look good anyway, so I didn’t deserve to find my own style. I wasted so much time allowing myself to feel ugly and unwanted because I never thought I deserved to try. You’ve got so much worth, and I know you can summon the strength to see that. 2009-2018 16 – 25 495 lbs – 200 lbs . . . #transformationtuesday #beforeandafterweightloss #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #bodypositive #bopo #bodyimage

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“I worked really hard for a long time to develop a healthier and more loving relationship with my body, but even though weight loss was a part of that, it isn’t responsible for the positive way I see myself now.
The biggest change was in finding the strength to be myself. Over time, I learned that there’s power and beauty in every aspect of who I am.”

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