My name is Nick. A friend of mine told me to work out what my “niche” is. But here’s the problem, I’m not just one thing. I am a:

  • Journalist

  • Producer

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Blogger

  • Gay man

  • Surfer

  • Mental Health Sufferer

  • Activist

  • London import in Sydney

  • Travel Aficionado

  • Aspiring Author

  • Board Game Enthusiast

  • New Coffee Drinker

  • [Insert lots of other things]

Narnold Knows is many things. It’s a blog where I try to talk honestly and authentically about topics like mental health, sexuality, and self-love. It’s also a collection of my creative work, both cinematic and photographic.

I’m going to stop writing corny stuff about myself now, because in this day and age, everyone knows how to click their way around a website. Enjoy.